Easter Trilogy: The Epistle of Judas, Pilates Dilemma, The Criminal and The Cross

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I think that in all fairness he should be allowed to speak on the subject before any more triviality arises. This is an historical fact, and an educated author may very well use just such an adjective as a condensed statement of the fact. It should dawn on the attentive reader, that Dr. In this context his use of the term white Christian is a very appropriate figure of speech that cuts both ways.

MacDonald, and by extension, all white Christians of. Aaron has made a very valid point, and I would agree that before one becomes enmeshed, over the head, in an emotional backlash response, a valid self criticism in the light of The Evangel would be appropriate. All of us are saying the same things and when it is confirmed by academics, it makes it that much more powerful. Those socially retarded sociopathic yet amazingly talented in a few certain fields of thought. I know most of you more than anything are just wondering what is running through these peoples minds, and now you know.

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Growing up I always felt so out of place with my peers, I was an oddball who loved to stare at maps and read national geographic all day. I was taunted and ridiculed by my peers and basically swore revenge. I held grudges for years over what was I realize now mild juvenile taunting. I knew many Jews growing up and was friends and got along good with most of them, they still looked down on me for being a goy, but thats besides the point. The work can be had on line in PDF format. Some of the clinical vocabulary is better suited to the trained psychologist, but I find the concept of Ponero-genesis very interesting.

I-IV Thanks again, massi. Below is an excerpt from a piece of recent US Congressional Testimony by Bill Wood, of Charlotte, North Carolina on the complete destruction of the American family by failed Judeo-liberal socialist Democratic government policies. However, it is important to read this excerpt in context with the rest of the testimony indicting the liberal erosion and corruption of American society in general. This fully supports Dr. A little bit of retro-active polishing of their own Jewish halos as the benefactors of the American Negro!

How much more control over personal decisions could a government exercise?

Judas Iscariot: The Bible And Beyond

Modern anti-marriage factions and policies promote a frighteningly bizarre and violent attack on marriage, families, women and children. The affects of growing up without both parents from similar communities increases the likelihood of jail time —, public housing, welfare, and similar life experiences did not increase this likelihood only the lack of the presence of two biological parents.

Here's the Latest Episode from The Rational Faiths Podcast – Keeping Mormonism Weird:

The high mortality and incarceration rate of black men has resulted in a serious gender imbalance in the African-American community leaving few marriageable men. Love you, man. But if I love you, how in the world can I be anti-Semitic? Same if I love Jesus.

https://taicoundidep.ga No no. You and I know what we we love and what we hate.


Ye will either love the one and hate the other. I enjoy and appreciate the comment postings on this site by Joe Cortina probably more than any other except for one basic disagreement. That item is the distinction between the religious tora worshipping Jew and the zionist jew who murders, raprs and destroys any and every item of moral value!

In rev and again in rev Jesus said to beware of those who call themselves Jews and are not but are the synagogue of satan. I have seen them standing in body and person with George Galloway in Gaza. In America we have freedom of religion. I have always been a student of and believer in the Constitution of the United States these Naturei Karta Jews are American in purpose and as much Anti-zionist as I am! That fact is now undisputed! The villanous and murderous zionist Leon Trotsky and his murderous revolutionaries trained at the Rand School of Social Science on lower 15th street in New York City joined with Nicolae Lenin and his trained in brutal murder in Switzerland and they proceeded to systematically murder 40 million Christians in Russia!

While protecting zionist Jew synagogues they melted the year old bells of the Russian Orthodox Church and desecrated and destroyed the churches themselves. They murdered the Czar and the Czarina and their 4 children in a dirty basement in Ekaterinburg Russia after promising them safe passage out of Russia if they would abdicate.

Now we are not supposed to hate these base scum! A vulgar note in passing! I do not know how many RZN readers read the posting on Rense. The operators get young girls from Russia and eastern Europe with promises of great reward for their emigration to Israel. Once there they are subverted to brothels with little chance of retribution or escape!

[Kasper, Walter] Jesus the Christ

These scum deal in the misery of female degradation, their rabbi scum deal in human organs of children and their military murder defenseless citizens of Gaza! Zionist Jews are without any asset value. I remind the reader that prostitution is a vile sin in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism but a legal activity in Zionist Israel. Zionist Jews have to be the base scum of planet earth!!

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Important for your discussion is the Despoysniac to use the term of Eusebius kinship of the Apostles. Pharicaism Judaism was the Babylonian cult that used the Torah of Moses to subvert the Covenant of Moses as our Lord taught - just as they do today. They came to power with the Herodians through their Idumean power base - in the South.

I am sure there were some of the tribes of Jacob who belonged to the Pharisaic sect, but I doubt they were very numerous in Galilee. I think there is a lot of evidence from the N.

You mentioned last time that you misplaced a Western Union donation to me that you were going to send along. The plane fare was quite high. I will be going to Denver today and must pay a courier service much money for a round trip as I do not own a car. Expenses to run OUR site are very high with a dedicated server, a Web Manager, research materials, anti hacking software, etc. The pearl is actually like a scab that forms over the inflammation caused by the sand.

Perhaps Judaism acts as an inflammatory agent on the body of Christendom. But if so that is necessary to produce the pearl of great worth. If anyone is to blame for the present financial power of Jewish elites, it is the Catholic Church, which granted these Jews monopolistic banking rights in Europe. While the Popes condemned usury for the average Christian member of society, they themselves used their Jews to amass huge fortunes with which to pursue temporal wealth and empire building.

If Jewry acts as a corrupting yeast, this also is necessary to expose those who are corrupted with their mammon, who become inflated with pomp prestige and power. There also is the matter of respect. Christianity did inherit much from Jewry, if nothing else than the Hebrew Scriptures, and for that reason alone Jews deserve a modicum of respect and Christians should not attack them.

I agree that Christians should be more vigilant about preserving our beliefs and values and should not capitulate to Jewish instigators, but if Jews have found it easy to corrupt Christians and to co-opt pagans, then the fault is ours, not theirs. Furthermore, consider the little known idea promoted by me! All that beautiful church art that we love to admire? Painted in the Renaissance? Who paid for it? This man enraged Martin Luther and the rest is history, as they say. Another idea: Jesus did give some parables that speak about bankers who pay interest.

Remember the unworthy servant whom the king told that he should have AT LEAST left his money with a banker so the king could collect interest! This suggests the possibility that Jewish financial power exists by the express will of Christ Himself. The fact is that the globalist financiers are eradicating the notion of nationhood and driving the world into a single unified entity. If their motives are pecuniary so what?


That does not mean that they are not doing exactly what Christ desires! Finally, consider the allusions to wealth and oppulence in Isaiah and other OT books and Revelation. Is that purely coincidental? I think not…. The Agriculture department has just announced that 59 million acres of american farmland will be turned back over to nature by Please tell anybody that will listen to grow their own food from heirloom seeds.

These are some excellent points. I also have heard the beginning of Revelation as evidence that Jesus was black skinned since it speaks of his skin burnished like bronze and his hair white like wool, ie kinky and negroid!