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She's amazing and so very, very funny! I love how resourceful, tough, vulnerable, clever and brilliant she is. She's so strong, but prone to the teenage moments — c'mon, all teens have them — and she's also just so good. I just love her — especially her new bickering with Thorne! Wolf — oh, it is so clear to me that Meyer is capable of creating all kinds of book boyfriends I just fall for instantly. He was intriguing, so mysterious, so broody and quiet and dangerous. And so protective and good. I was under his spell, intrigued by him, and by the end I was totally in love!

Him and Scar are perfect! As for Carswell Thorne.

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Is it wrong that I love him? He is a criminal. And a bit of a hound dog. But he's also freaking hilarious. And insane. And amazing. He was just such a doofus — such amazing comic relief in this fast-paced book. He's freaking hilarious and I freaking love him to pieces!

Kai — oh, I love Kai! We didn't see as much of him — no!

He is such a good Emperor and I just love him. And how I loved seeing Iko again! I love that little robot!

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Wow, that was a lot of character-related-rambling! I just love them all so so much!

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I loved the story in Cinder — it was engaging, addictive, fast-paced, exciting and amazing. But Scarlet just took all of that and doubled it. Thanks to the dual sometimes triple storyline that perfectly wove together, I was always on my toes, always utterly hooked, always excited and nervous and laughing and chewing at my fingernails but not really, cause that's unhygienic. And Meyer's awesome writing just enhanced all of this brilliant suspense, action and humour.

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The finished flower garden ch. Viewing the snow while drinking wine beside burning braziers ch. Enjoying a two-person swing ch. Physiognomic prognostications ch. Amazing intentionally overdone? Watching fireworks ch. The tortoise oracle ch. Seven administrative proposals ch. Description of a bordello, plus grief and its reminders ch. The Taoist priest who summons a spirit marshal ch.

An elaborate funeral ch. Details of post-funerary rituals ch.

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A ghost appears ch. Another ghostly visitation, an Imperial audience, a well-described windstorm, and a dilapidated monastery ch. A violent end ch. The hilariously self-deprecating speech of the martial arts instructor ch. The dilapidated garden ch. And finally, the major shift in things, the atmosphere around it, and the unexpected appearance of several characters ch. I had heard somewhere that part 2 of Don Quixote was better than part 1, so perhaps my expectations were too high, but I was disappointed, in part because the stories within the story were basically eliminated.

Unfortunately, that makes part 2 more straightforward—essentially a series of episodic encounters. But all in all, I thought part 1 was a richer text. Robert Anton, Moriomachia ; edited by Charles C. Mish; info. This didactic novel teaches some principles of Taoism within a mythological frame: the story of Han Xiangzi, one of the Eight Immortals of Chinese legend. Having disturbed the divine Immortality Peach Assembly in a previous existence, Han Xiangzi is sent to be reborn into a mortal family until he can re-learn the path to immortality.

As a young man, he acquires two Taoist masters as teachers, and one discussion they have with his uncle Tuizhi is interesting p. When Xiangzi looked carefully around the room, he saw that it was now completely empty. Thus he realized that everyone has this most precious treasure, and it is not necessary to withdraw to the stillness and solitude of the deep mountains to gain it.

Those who regard it as far away have no grasp of it. Those who want to employ it recklessly reveal their attachment to the world of forms. Thereupon he closed his mouth, lowered his eyelids, and sat down cross-legged. The Jade Emperor sends Han Xiangzi back to help his kin reattain lost immortality as well.

Allegorically, all the stuff he puts him through makes this a Job-like story that explains why misfortune might befall even someone full of spiritual merit. I especially enjoyed bits about how the gentlemen thieves mask their poverty and about how actors compose plays. The forty stories in this collection are thematically paired, and each typically begins with a poem and a sort of prologue story before launching into the main narrative.

A few tall tales about a tall woman who works in a tavern but also goes to war , interesting because they present her as a strong Robin Hood-like character.


Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tyler Rebik is a self-published author of novels, novellas, Lunar's Gift (Lunar Saga, Paranormal Romance, Vampire Fiction Book 1) - Kindle edition by Tyler Rebik. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks. Lunar's Gift (Lunar Saga, Paranormal Romance, Vampire Fiction Book 1) eBook: Tyler Rebik: Kindle Store.

Il Pentamerone ; translated by Nancy L. Canepa; info. And it is amazing, particularly in this unexpurgated translation. While recuperating on the island of Saint Helena, a man from Spain trains a flock of birds to carry him aloft, and he uses this as his means of escape from a tricky situation en route back to Spain. Once on the Moon he finds that the Earth is larger in the sky than the Moon is from a terrestrial point of view, so the Moon is definitely smaller than the Earth.

They wear clothes of a glorious and resplendent color not found on Earth. Labels: Daryl Devore , Friday , Guest.


Chapter One. The Way of the Healers.

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Much is demanded of a Healer and inner peace is her only reward. She must seek neither power nor wealth. To walk in the Way is difficult and not all who try will succeed.


The police have ruled it a suicide and closed the case without much investigation. Metalworking is unknow n and unnecessary, and fire is an all-consumingdanger, not a tool harnessed to the will of men. Now I'm not so excited for the second book to the series like I was before I found out the news. In this young adult series, each novel presents a new telling of old fables. I also thought the descriptions of individuals and of the landscape were sometimes pretty great. There is a lot of talk on the bookternet about how female characters are written and Glory is this well constructed character who had so many realistic nuances. How could I, considering how amazing this book is?

When a Healer names a man as Chosen , she must leave the House for she must think only of her craft and those who need her care.