The Worst Week of my Life

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Miller plays the hopeless Howard Steel and in the first series he's trying to marry the lovely Mel Cook [Alexander]. By series 2 they're expecting a baby Howard Steel: [ about Binky, after chucking him into a cement mixer ] It's just a bloody Waste of dog. Dick Cook: [ not amused ] Howard : [ peacfully, to Mel's Mum ] If it's any consolation, Angela, I'm sure he didn't feel any pain.

Angela : [ has been crying, nods, sniffing ] Granny : [ casually ] Noo, the speed of the cement mixer would've crushed his little skull in seconds! Angela : Ohh Howard : No, I don't think so. Mel : Why not? Howard : Probably a wrong number.

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Infection and fetal development Influences in the womb on the fetal heart Is it safe to use antipsychotics during pregnancy? Updating list A family I'm really looking forward to being part of. This television article needs cleanup. Oh, I don't think it was the squirrels. We were elated to find out that she was indeed pregnant with our first child!

Mel : How do you know that? Howard : I always get them.

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The Worst Week of My Life is a British television sitcom, first broadcast on BBC One between March and April A second series was aired between. Only one week to go before the marriage of Howard and Mel which quickly escalates into the week from Hell. The series follows the bumbling Howard as he .

Mel : Howard, stop it. Answer your phone. Howard : I really don't think that's a good idea, Mel. Mel : [ goes to take phone, Howard answers ] Howard : [ on phone ] Hello? Cassy : [ on phone ] I want to make love to you Howard :[ on phone ] Sorry, you've got the wrong number Cassy :[ on phone ]I want to be with you, Howard!

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Howard :[ on phone ] Stop ringing me, thanks [ hangs up ] Mel : [ confused and concerned looks towards Dick and Angela ]. Yvonne : [ sits down at the kitchen table and puts her bag and guide stick down in 2 of Angela's puddings ] Angela : [ shouts ] Yvonne! Yvonne : What? I'm only here you know, no need to shout.

Angela : You've ruined the Marrang! You've put your things in the main puddings! Yvonne : Well I can't help it. I only wanted some breakfast and I can't even have that?

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I've had a long journey down, you know. I'll have a boiled egg- not too runny. And two peices of toast. Angela : What?! Yvonne : 2 Peices of toast!

Good God, girl. I'm blind and you're deaf. Fine pair we make.

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Yvonne : [ at table, alone ] Who's that? Mel : Mel Yvonne : Mel? Have an appointment scheduled? Check your status anytime. You can watch recordings anytime, anywhere with your cloud DVR. If your cloud DVR fills up, we'll make space by deleting your oldest recordings marked "Save until space is needed" first.

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The Worst Week of My Life, Season 1

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