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Gedeon Dagan discusses his life and career and his view on the past and future trends in the field of subsurface hydrology, together with considerations on the scientific method and the overall approach and methodology of the scientific research The Hydrogeologist Time Capsule is a collection of interviews of eminent hydrogeologists who have made a material difference to our profession.

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Those interviewed are respected individuals from around the world who have profoundly affected hydrogeology. We are often aware of their work but rarely do we have insight into the human context and background of the advances they created.

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The recorded reflections on this website are an opportunity to better understand their personal motivations, aspirations, and living philosophies by hearing their thoughts on their work, contributions, impact, and the future, directly from them. These recordings constitute an historical record for future generations.

We hope you find these interviews informative, valuable and ultimately inspirational, and that future generations of hydrogeologists will benefit from and will further contribute to these records and reflections.

riorustiro.ml To know more about the project, read the article in the Hydrogeology Journal. White Paul Witherspoon Warren W. Wood Sponsors Contact. Wood, part 1 Warren W.

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She fondly recalls a terrifying thunderstorm that made everything so dark that no one could see across the classroom, as well as organising a maths and science exhibition for parents and swimming galas and sports days held on Saturday mornings. What a find!

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But then several years later someone finds your capsule… This is the story of Timothy Barker, an Old Paulean. In , aged 10, he buried his capsule with: — a rather lovely drawing of a boy gazing ahead — a beautiful poem about fireworks, and — an identikit: a picture of himself, shards of hair, his thumb prints, the flag of a club he and his friend had set up and other details about himself.

What kind of tasks is it going to include? Who is going to perform it and what skills will it demand?

None of these formats is given a priority. The entries will be judged based on the criteria listed below.

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George Takei. An abundance of strong collagen results in healthy, firm skin. Der Spiegel. Gawker Media. The capsule was placed in December and is intended to be opened in , at the company's th anniversary. Several items of importance were placed in a 'leaden box', sealed and deposited in a cavity beneath the foundation stone. Archived from the original on 7 March

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